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Dear anime characters,

Siiigh. If you invade the safe space of a marginalized group, and multiple people call you out on it, you don’t get to whine about how good your intentions were and how attacked you feel by people saying that you invaded their safe space.
Especially if you’re completely misunderstanding the point, claiming the “but [close person to me] is [marginalized group]!” defense, AND using language many members of said group would object to in your whiny post.

Here’s a basic rule: if you’re reading or watching a Shakespeare play, and you’re not imagining the actors standing in front of a mosh pit of jeering Londoners waiting to throw vegetables at the stage, you’re doing it wrong.

Shakespeare might have written the best works in the English language, or given us profound insight into the nature of humanity, or whatever — but his works wouldn’t have survived to our day if he hadn’t been popular when he was alive, and he wouldn’t have been popular when he was alive if he hadn’t been able to please the crowd. And that includes a lot of dirty jokes. A lot.

Sometimes in incredibly inappropriate places. We’re here to rescue a few of those for you, and retroactively embarrass the heck out of your fourteen-year-old self, who had to stand up in English class and read things that, in retrospect, are absolutely filthy.

This isn’t about the stuff that always does crack fourteen-year-olds up in English class, but is totally innocent: the “bring me my long sword, ho!” sort of thing.

But the kids who lose it every time the word “ho” is uttered are closer to the spirit of Shakespeare than the teacher who demands they treat the words like museum pieces.

Sure, it would be awkward for teachers to explain the Elizabethan double entendres to their students — but pretending they don’t exist makes Shakespeare seem unnecessarily stuffy and difficult.

So we’re going to start with the most obvious innuendoes, and move on to some seriously advanced sex punnery that is probably going to blow your mind.

Reading Shakespeare without the sex jokes is the real tragedy. (via newsweek)


The first question shouldn’t be “are you taken” but “are you interested.”

Contrary to popular stank male belief, a woman being single doesn’t endow you with magical woman-getting properties.

I find it annoying when anime/manga wikis leave out the personal pronouns a character commonly uses cause, dammit, I may not speak more than a few words of Japanese, but those are important for understanding the characters, c’mon. Especially in cases where the specific pronoun they used was plot-relevant.
And why do notable pronoun choices not get mentioned in more translation notes.
For example, in Soul Eater, the first time Crona is talked about using pronouns, there *should* be a non-gendered English translation (rephrasing if necessary) and a translation note about their grammatical gender in Japanese. There *should* be.
Also, I actually prefer it when the honorifics are left on, which apparently there’s opposition to… Which I don’t get. The common ones aren’t hard to pick up, and it makes certain exchanges a lot easier to translate. (Not to say that I think they should be used *outside* the manga/anime, tho. That’s just being a weeb.)



the question is who in your otp is the enthusiastic parent that cheers way too loudly at soccer games

and which is the one who isn’t allowed at the soccer games anymore because they keep yelling at the ref